Why I HATE the ‘about me’ box on social profiles

This is my first ever blog post, so bare with me as I flap my way through this.

About me‘ – ummmm… well I’m a Mum of 2… ummmmm… I like…. errrrr…. i dunno what I like, some alone time would be nice…. nah too boring…. What do I do?… I spend my days negotiating sleep time, lunch time, approptiate clothing choices, and often find myself begging my 2yr old to change his dirty nappy coz the smell is burning my eyes!…. I might just scrap that last part, don’t want to scare off potential visitors…. ummm what else can I write… something inspiring, insightful, wonderfully opimistic…..NOPE.


Apart from no sleep, no personal space, severe loss of brain function, and plummeting standards in personal hygiene, I seemed to have lost the me! Who I was before kids seems so foreign now and completely unattainable. So who am I now?

I use to be a dancer, choreographer, yogi (yes I was one of those women who got around in ACTIVE WEAR and drank coconut water while on a fruit fast) WHAT?! Crazy to think that I had the time for that! Now it would take me 20mins to squeeze my old workout pants up to my knees. I don’t even know what my clothing style is, or what I want it say about me as a person, how do my pants reflect my current mood? (Insert sarcastic tone here)

So much has changed for me since my babies arrived. My physical, environmental, emotional, and mental landscapes are new camping grounds for me and I feel almost like a teenager again trying to find and define myself in this new crazy world. 

So who am I?…………

For now I am just Tara Mollel, mum of 2 beautiful African-Australian babies.

Welcome to my blog xx


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